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Are things compatible?

posted Jan 17, 2012 05:32:54 by TempleNoble
For instance I am 46 years old and think I am intelligent and yet I am at a loss trying to figure out what works with what. I am looking at a 3.5 tank on the Vapor 4 life site and I am trying to figure out what battery I should buy. I know an 808 but what one? Or is there a larger battery I should buy? This one caught me eye because I thought it would be simple to start with.
Right now I own 1 V2 XL 808 and 5 carts. I do have e-juice on the way.
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WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 17, 2012 17:08:24
Hey Temple, these tanks are dual coils which may be too much for a standard 808 280mAh battery. Usally a 650mAh or higher battery is recommended I believe. So you would be looking at an eGo battery, like Volcano's Inferno, or Firebrand's Diablo for examples. Plus the tank is very wide so I wouldn't like the feel of it on a penstyle batt. Another subject, I do not prefer the tanks. Too me they lack flavor. It sits on my coffee table and I reach for my Halo or Firebrand batt with regular cartos almost every time. Each time I vape off the DCT, (Dual Coil Tank)I am just not satisfied in the lack of vapor and taste. Of course my opinion is just one of many. Hope this helps. :) PS v2 batts are great, Halo's are just as good with awesome colors, finish and cheaper.
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TempleNoble said Jan 17, 2012 18:32:27
Wendy, Thank you. I think I will take your advice and hold off on the tank for now. I am putting an order in tomorrow AM (waiting for cheque) with V4L, right now I own 1 808 from V2 and I am on a really tight budget so I think I will just get another battery, a pack of carts and maybe a pass-through. I do have some e-juice coming in the mail and I do like the pen style. I will go look at Halo's site too.
What reason weaves... By passion is undone... Well..., what family doesn't have it's ups and downs.
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 18, 2012 01:31:56
Good call as the tank takes up a lot of juice. Big commitment. When you find a juice that is definitively your fav, the tank may be more appropriate. Halo's cartomizers are not the cheapest, but they are awesome. They never burn, just easy on the thick juices. Halo does great things and now have sealed auto batts to help prevent leakage into the battery. Take care :)
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