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Love vapeing

posted Jan 17, 2012 04:29:51 by ZacharyJ.Ganiszewski
Name is ZG, been using ecigs for about 5 years now. I love vaping. I bought blu in 2007 until I found volcano in 2008. I used volcano an upgraded to a 510 in 2009-2010. I became partial to dripping around then. In 2011 I started using a KR 808 from halo, which I loved. They have great liquid an a great unit, and I loved filling my own cartos. Then in late 2011 blu revamped themselves and I gave them another try (boy was that a mistake). An in 2012 Im using a joyetech 10 ego. I love using tanks now. Vapeing is a hobby of mine an I love talking everthing from tech to liquid. I love trying new ecigs, anything from variable voltage to minis. If it vapes, I vape it.
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TempleNoble said Jan 17, 2012 05:04:53
Hello, my name is Temple. I have been vaping for two weeks and I will never go back. I smoked for 31 years.
What reason weaves... By passion is undone... Well..., what family doesn't have it's ups and downs.
KimberlyWeekley said Jan 17, 2012 05:21:05
Hello, my name is Kimberly. I smoked for 18 years. I am a stay at home Mom, of a 3 1/2 year old lil monster. I used to be a cigarette-aholic until recently. I have been smoke free for 12 days. Been seriously trying to quit for the last 3 months until I finally found the right set-up for my needs. Thanks to ecig411 and AquaVapor! Now I am slightly obsessed with ecig's, e-juice! My husband calls my ecig a "nicotine-crackpipe" I am currently using an ego battery with a 5ml dual coil, 1.5volt cartomizer.
TempleNoble said Jan 17, 2012 05:37:45
Kimberly, LOL! I am hoping my DH is not noticing how much money I am not saving right now.
What reason weaves... By passion is undone... Well..., what family doesn't have it's ups and downs.
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 17, 2012 16:52:12
Hey all, mad vaper since April 2011. I started with v2 after very little research. After a few months and many dud cartomizers, I made the switch to Halo and filling blanks with Halo's excellent e-liquid. This was a huge change in experience. I have enjoyed Ms T's liquids, and have learned a bit about how different juices can affect vaping experience, cartomizer life and monthly expenses. Finding a good liquid is key. Lately I have dabbled with dripping, tanks, eGo's, just leaving clearomizers on my list to try. After dabbling, my favorite vape setup is back to penstyle using Firebrand Millenium and Halo G6 batteries with Halo cartomizers in their Element 510 line and Kr808 G6 line. I just like the original feel of a cigarette style. For me it took trying around to get back to what works for me. Enjoy all your experiences, and I hope you find the info here helps speed your way to a perfect vape groove.
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ErinRisner said Jan 20, 2012 19:43:29
Hi everyone,

I was a smoker for most of my life, I started when I was 12,I am now 34, I started vaping in January of 2011. I started out, after a lot of debating, with Blu. I actually really liked blu except the batteries that went dead after 20 min. Since I was fairly happy I did not start looking into a new unit until recently. I had read some stuff about V2 being good and they lasted longer so I bought a kit from them. Their ecigs were a little hard for me to get a hit so I asked the friendly people on Ecig411 facebook page and Wendy told me she really like the Halo G6 so I bought a starter kit from them. As of right now the G6 is my favorite penstyle setup. I like to use a small less obvious Ecig when I am out and about, the penstyle is perfect I have recently started trying different Ego set ups from Aquavapor and have found that I really like the Ego with A 1.5 ohm DCT tube (I guess it's called). I have a little problem using my favorite juice in it though, Ms.T's Bakery has become about he only e liquid I like aside from Aquavapor's and it is a little thick for the tank.
I am glad this site was created. I like using the ECF but it has so many posts it is really hard for beginners (still consider myself one) to find what they need to know about the different Ecigs.
GinaZalner said Jan 22, 2012 20:10:42
Hi everyone, name is Gina. I'm glad there is a forum where we can talk about whatever products we like to use, where we can share advice. I'm not partial to any one company when it comes to eliquid. I've been using an 808 system since I started vaping in October 2011. Thanks the ecig411 I was able to get advice on a new vaping system. Due to a new job I need I system that lasts all day with heavy vaping-battery and carto. I just order a VV MyGo and can't wait to get it. I plan to use my 808 on weekends but I need a system that can last all day at work. hopefully no one bashes me for my choice ;)

Anyhow I just joined today, hope to meet some new people and continue learning with this vaping hobby that has become a lifestyle. I'm off to watch some football.
Rob_Kocak said Jan 23, 2012 01:39:48
Hi Gina. Welcome! I think you'll be happy with the VV MyGo. I use mine daily now. That's the great thing about this community - There is no bashing! ;) Vape on!
GinaZalner said Jan 23, 2012 01:51:06
Thanks Rob! I had done so much research that I was more confused than before I started. I've taken on vaping as a full blown hobby and like I said I need something that will get me through the workday with minimal effort. And aquavapor has been great about answering all my questions. It's a personal choice whatever people like to use for vaping but I think I mad the right choice. Thanks again for reaffirming that :)
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 26, 2012 12:13:35
@Gina, that is the great thing about 411, no snobs here. People respect others choices and opinions and learn from them. @Erin, ECF scares me lol
ErinRisner said Jan 26, 2012 21:04:45
LOL.It scares me too, I just kind of look around but its hard to find what I specifically want to know.
GinaZalner said Jan 26, 2012 23:41:33
@WendyBiesheuvel I noticed that. It's nice to have a forum where you can talk freely and get advice. I was posting on another forum but they seemed to have their own little society and not all were very welcoming. There is so much to discover in the vaping world and no one should be scared to discuss their preferences or be afraid to mention companies they happen to like.
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