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Public indoor vaping?

posted Jan 19, 2012 15:11:16 by WendyBiesheuvel
I seem to be alone on this subject...Do we have a right to walk in a business vaping assuming that others shouldn't be bothered or concerned and therefor accommodate? I think not at this point for two reasons. Most are not educated and may feel threatened being exposed to vapor, especially with children. Switch places, would you feel comfortable eating or drinking coffee at a cafe while swatting away vapor if you were always a non-smoker? Reason roomy is a bit allergic to the vapor. His throat gets cruddy and coughs. How are we to know how vapor affects others we don't know? I just feel courtesy to others and respecting others space is common sense. Just because we feel it's safe doesn't mean that they do? Tell us all how you feel? :)
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KimberlyWeekley said Jan 19, 2012 15:46:15
I agree, until there is "scientific proof" that the vapor exhalled is safe, I believe we should be respectfull of others concerns.
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 19, 2012 16:04:03
Ha ha On my roomy's side...I tell him to go outside. ;)
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ZacharyJ.Ganiszewski said Jan 19, 2012 17:35:30
It depends where I am. If its a bar (in states where you can't smoke) I do it anyway, the only person I really have to convince is the bartender. They usually have heard about it an are more curious than upset, a quick minute conversation an Im free to vape all I want. If its like a big open store (walmart) yea I walk in an vape, people generally aren't looking at each other anyway. Now if its a smaller mom an pop shop, or a restaurant, no I don't vape. I'm close to people, people are eating, i respect that. Same thing in someones home, Im not going to jump to conclusions an start blowing vape rings in there house. I'll explain what it is, an ask. Everytime I've done that, not a single person has told me I can't vape in there home. Its all about taking that extra minute to explain it and not be a jerk
TempleNoble said Jan 19, 2012 18:32:27
I do not think we should just vape indoors at a public place without asking. Right now there is not enough awareness in the general public about what the vapor is. When people see you doing it in a large public place they may not be comfortable coming up to you and asking and it may create an atmosphere of fear that can lead to knee jerk legislation and that is something to avoid. In small places like bars, coffee shops and the like you would be more approachable and can educate from the ground up, so to speak.
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ted govostis said Jan 19, 2012 18:32:39
Kimberly it is impossible to prove a negative. So saying until they prove there are no risks, IE they are safe, is scientifically meaningless. That's why food additives use the designation "GRAS (generally regarded as safe)" meaning that in moderation there are no known health risks. All eliquids that I've seen use GRAS ingedients. That being said I basically follow Zachary's guidelines
KimberlyWeekley said Jan 19, 2012 21:16:12
Ted, I am just a housewife/mother. I have a realtive who is a smog technician. In my mind if they can measure the chemicals and exhaust from the tailpipe of a car, then they can come up with something to prove that the exhaled breath of an ecig user is safe. Just my opinion though, remember we are all on the same side, at least I would hope so.
ZacharyJ.Ganiszewski said Jan 19, 2012 22:52:04
I'm also cautious when it come to saying ecigs are healthy. Healthier then analog cigs absolutely, but there is stuff we don't know, an probably wont know for like a decade. But possible health hazard are for the user. The vapor you exhale dissipate within seconds and has no vapor, unlike smoke that lingers.
KimberlyWeekley said Jan 19, 2012 23:46:14
I am just concerned for my 3 1/2 year old child. What if I am exposing her to second hand nicotine. With some e-juices I have noticed a residual scent. Isn't it possible nicotine could be lurking in the air, from the exhaled vapor?

All of the e-juice I buy comes with a label that says: This product contains nicotine, which is known to be addictive and potentialy harmful to your health. Please be aware of the risks associated with nicotine use before using this product. Keep out of childrens reach.

With that said, I try not to vape around her. I never smoked in my house. I know ecigs are safer for me! I wish someone would prove that they are 100% safe for use in the public. I love my ecig, I never could have quit without it!
Rob_Kocak said Jan 20, 2012 00:12:45
We don't know for sure that there's nothing "harmful" in the vapor that's exhaled. We don't even know exactly what's in the actual e-liquid for that matter. How can anyone be certain? With so many different e-liquid vendors (alot of which operate out of small shops or even people's houses) and little to no regulation, I have to admit that it's more than a little bit scary. What would prevent me from manufacturing and selling my own brand of e-liquid tomorrow? I've never made it before, but I could take a crash course, buy some readily available supplies, bottle up some e-juice and sell it online. Slap a fancy sticker on it, call it "American made" and I'd have buyers lines up a mile long who couldn't wait to put this mystery liquid in their bodies. As long as it had good throat hit, decent vapor and tasted good, I'd be sure to sell a ton of it. I think we've all struggled with trying to quit smoking for so long that we want to believe all the positive things we're being told. If it sounds too good to be true...? Let's hope that's not the case. So, is it safe? I have no idea. Is it safer than smoking cigarettes? I'm almost certain of it.
ZacharyJ.Ganiszewski said Jan 20, 2012 02:04:51
When it comes to the dangers of nicotine. Yes it is addictive, but do you know what is just as addictive as nicotine? Caffeine. In fact both of these chemicals are stimulants, but nicotine can also be a relaxant. They are both habit forming, an both can come with health risks. But the key difference to look at is that there aren't any "Quit coffee hotlines." The only real reason nicotine has such a bad rap is from cigarettes. An the main health risks (as Im sure you know) is from all the other chemicals. An the same way a doctor will tell a person who had a heart attack to quit smoking, they will tell them not to drink so much caffeine (i.e. my grandpa after his heart attack). So a 12 year old kid drinking a soda is receiving the same kind of buzz I would from vapeing.
ErinRisner said Jan 20, 2012 02:15:49
I do not think we should just walk in anywhere and start vaping. It may cause some people that already have negative ideas about ecigs to be even more against them.
I also agree that until I know it is for sure safe I will keep my kids away from it. I do vape in the house just not when they are around. I also agree that until there are tests that are conclusive I won't say they are totally safe but I do not that I feel a whole lot better than I did when I smoked.
I live in a small town in Ohio so I have never had the nerve to even ask to vape inside a store or a bar, I am too chicken. I have met a couple people that have heard of ecigs but I still have not meet 1 that uses them. However, I have converted 3 people.
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 20, 2012 06:04:49
As far as safety since it's part of the issue...My dentist definitely does not like the idea of inhaling PG into the human body from a dental and overall health point of view. He referred to it as a definite irritant which could have issues down the way. Then he said...way better then smoking. So we have done a great job of reducing our risks as far as we know to date. Next to quitting and all taking prilosec afterwards, I believe its a good thing. At all times with all things (except for parking spaces) be courteous. I'm just glad I can not smoke in peace. :)
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