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How much money were you wasting on cigarettes?

posted Jan 21, 2012 02:09:25 by KimberlyWeekley
For me, the main reason I wanted to quit smoking, was the money issue. I got so sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Thinking to myself, how are we ever going to put our daughter through college (someday). On average My Husband and I were spending $372.00 per month on ciggaretes, $4464.00 per year. That is alot of money going into our lungs, and killing us slowly! Since I am new to vaping, and still learning and finding products I like, I am not sure of how much It is per month. BUT I know I must be saving money, because my bank account isn't depleted!

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TempleNoble said Jan 21, 2012 02:22:47
Lets see... $1600.00 give or take, per year for me. Right now I am looking for work so I am living day to day. The start up has been hard for me (I am still using just one battery and doing the charging the battery dance in the morning) but I am sure by the end of next month this will save me money, plus I feel better!
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Rob_Kocak said Jan 21, 2012 08:25:05
I noticed within the first month that we had more money left over than we ever did when buying cigarettes - even after experimenting with different e-liquids and devices. I was smoking around a pack to a pack and a half day, my wife, Kristyn was around a pack - at roughly $6 a pack, we were spending $15 a day. So we were spending somewhere around $5,475.00 per year on cancer sticks. And that's living in Georgia - if we still lived in New York, it would be at least double that. Unbelievable. We're in the same boat, not exactly sure how much we're saving, but we do have money left that we didn't before.
KimberlyWeekley said Jan 21, 2012 14:53:22
I am usually a really frugal/cheap person. And while smoking I cut back on everything, just trying to save a little money, and could never get ahead. Now that we quit smoking, its amazing, I can shop again! I am having so much fun, experimenting with different e-juice's, reading reviews, and socializing with differrent e-cig users. This forum is great! I look at other forums, and while they are good, for a newbie they are a little hard to navigate. I am glad you all are saving money too! Especially in this economy! Have a great day all!
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 23, 2012 02:38:02
15-20 packs a month at 5.50 a pack. (bought from resevation) $82.50-$110.00 a month, $990.00-
$1320.00 a yr. I hate to go back to all my orders and see how much I've spent. Honestly I bet it's more. Trying out juices and getting bad product hurts a bit, I believe I will find a juice that works and just have a few regular favs to eliminate waste. I vape way more than I smoked. :p
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WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 24, 2012 02:55:42
Since April 1st, I have ordered 1,193.04 in product, and won over $300.00 in product. As we all know trying juices can be expensive and so is trial and error. My expenses went up 50% since filling own cartos. However my vaping experience is worth it. I believe with time, I will be more efficient due to experience, so not worried about it at all.
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