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Too much Ice.

posted Jan 22, 2012 02:57:45 by WendyBiesheuvel
My son's Dad works for his brothers at an ice company. He was in charge and many yrs ago was in a battle for Seattle's ice customer base. Well the former competitors just went down. Well, their roof did due to an ice storm. Yeah that made the news.
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Rob_Kocak said Jan 22, 2012 17:26:51
Wow! I just watched some of the Channel 7 news video on this. That is crazy! I'm glad no one was hurt. It is funny though that an ice company's roof collapsed due to ice!
WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 24, 2012 15:03:14
My mom lives alone and was without power for a couple days due to the ice storm and no one could get to her. She's a tough gal, and just hunkered down. My sister got 18 inches of snow. Not Fair!!! :)
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