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Vape Dudes

posted Jan 25, 2012 22:47:37 by TempleNoble
I have four flavors from Vape Dudes. Clove, Absinthe, Cinnamon Roll and Fruit Tsunami. They all had a nice amount of vapor and a light throat hit. The Clove had a strong taste that lasted for the whole carto. The Absinthe has a very strong Anise taste and smell just like the drink. The taste lingered for a long time, I would recommend this for fun but maybe not everyday. The Cinnamon Roll has a light taste and smell it is not like a hot Cinnamon but it did seam to fade as I vaped it. The Fruit Tsunami has a very strong taste and smell almost like fruit gum. I will be putting in another order from Vape Dudes in the future. I should mention they have a sale 40% off code is vapedudes it is a one time use code.
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WendyBiesheuvel said Jan 26, 2012 12:21:34
I got the Blu Honey. Its vapable, unfortunately I have gotten used to the homestyle juice like Ms T's and love thick bakery flavors. VapeDudes is not unpleasant, but tastes a bit fabricated to me. I added some Ms T's vanilla custard to make it taste more like a blueberry muffin. That is how I will be vaping it. :)
KimberlyWeekley said Jan 26, 2012 23:36:46
I got the chocolate cherry-bomb. VERY THICK LIQUID! Took awhile to fill the cartomizer, just because it is so thick. The smell of the liquid is kinda deceiving, I thought it would taste like it smells. It doesn't, the flavor is muted not strong, but the VAPOR is out of this world! I am hoping if I let it sit and steep for awhile the flavor will get stronger. Not a bad vape, I would order it again!
GinaZalner said Jan 26, 2012 23:56:28
I'm vaping chocolate berry martini as I write this. I got in on the free juice giveaway & I thought I ordered chocolate strawberry. Anyhow that what I received. I was scared to use it in a new cartomizers because it is a very dark liquid and thicker than some of my other stuff. I forgot how much I missed chocolate! I had some chocolate truffle from JC that I had run out of. This stuff is not bad at all-I could do without the berry part but I had a smokey flavor and good throat hit-very decent vapor. Is it true that the darker liquids will kill a cartomizer quicker? That was my only reason for not trying it sooner.
KimberlyWeekley said Jan 28, 2012 01:53:56
Vape Dudes also included a small bottle of 16mg fruit tsunami. It tastes like Hawaian punch with a bit of mango. I'm not a big mango fan, but its pretty good. The vapor is awesome and it has a nice throat hit.
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