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How was your first experience vaping for the first time?

posted Jan 26, 2012 12:17:23 by WendyBiesheuvel
I was able to quit smoking from first vape. The only thing I missed at first was that instant rush on first drag of a cig but got through it. What was your success story
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KimberlyWeekley said Jan 28, 2012 06:34:51
My success story is kind of a long story, but it may help someone looking to get into e-cigs. Three years ago I got a RN4072 penstyle. It worked ok for about 2 months, then the attys started failing (brand new right out of the box) Long story short, I went back to marlboro.

In October 2011 I got a wild hair to try again, so I dug out my old penstyle and ordered some new attys and some juice and got it to sort of work. Meanwhile I was shopping around online trying to find a replacement e-cig. A friend pointed me to Blu, I read all the reviews (on thier page) and was sold. Got it, it worked for about 2 weeks, until the carts started not lasting as long as advertised. I was going through 5 a day! Then the batteries started screwing up. Called CS, they were rude to me and told me to send, at my expense, all the carts and batteries in so they could "test" them. They couldn't guarantee I would get replacements.

So my search for a new e-cig began again! This time I read alot of reviews, narrowed it down to a few different e-cig models and companies. Found e-cig 411 on facebook, watched and read ALOT of comments, and found Then I stalked thier website until they listed the eGo-T as the deal of the day! I got it! I was happy, but the tanks aren't all they are cracked up to be! I had great vapor, but the flavor was very bland. Now I am using a variety of different carto's: a 3.5 DCT, a 5ml 1.5ohm cartomizer, and small cartomizers(for new juice) I have been cigarette free for 23 days.

I can honestly say, now that I have found the right equipment for me, I have no desire to ever smoke another cigarette ever again!
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