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A new favorite supplier.

posted Jan 27, 2012 00:56:44 by GinaZalner
I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know about Parkes Vaping if you are not already familiar with them. Now I know taste is subjective and I may like something that another person may find to be gross. I like Mary's eliquid because all her eliquid is clear or light amber color. It's just been my experience that the darker liquids tend to diminish cartomizer life.

I have tried a few flavors so far with the watermelon freeze, blueberry freeze and snickerdoodle cookie being my favorite so far. I have tried the Cuban and Wyatt Earp tobacco flavors and they were not for me. But the nice thing is that you can customize your pd/VG blend and she offers her liquids in many sizes and nicotene strengths. Very reasonably priced and low shipping cost.

Anyone else want to share their juice ventures?
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TempleNoble said Jan 28, 2012 00:09:17
I went and looked at the site. Seems good, maybe next week I will give it a try. Sorry to new for any juice adventures, But I am loving the service at Vapor 4 Life where I am getting my 808D battery and cartomizers. I did not care for the carts filled with their Vanilla flavor.
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