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KR808D Cartomizer burn out

posted Feb 11, 2012 19:20:28 by TempleNoble
So I have had two cartomizers that are brand new from Vapor 4 Life cool carts Get an awful hot and burning plastic taste. I would think that this means they are bad but they are from differant runs so could I be doing something wrong that I am unaware of? Can I wash them and try again or is that sudden burning taste the death knoll of a cartomizer?
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WendyBiesheuvel said Feb 15, 2012 03:46:27
My bet would be either you ran a little too dry on juice either by vaping too fast or by not filling often enough. Also there could be an airflow problem. if there is too little airflow through the side vents the atty burns up. you'd probably suspect this by a tight draw. Honestly I have burnt cartos, v2's Firebrands, but I have never burned a halo G6 or Halo Element carto. Once its burnt its burnt toss it :)
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